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Costco Affiliate Program: Is It Any Good?

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Costco affiliate program

Did you know there was a Costco affiliate program?


If you are an affiliate marketer you already know about affiliate programs.

Many large companies have affiliate programs these days and it’s a very successful business model

If you are an affiliate marketer you can promote a company or product and earn a commission for doing so while the company benefits from the sale.

Win win!

This is where we come to Costco’s affiliate program soLet’s have a look at their affiliate structure and the benefits.


What is Costco

Costco is an international wholesale company with stores worldwide it sells products at wholesale prices in order to supply the large demand.

Costco sell to Many shop owners businesses and families worldwide and it is one of the largest retailers globally.

Buying in bulk obviously brings down the cost per unit meaning if you buy a tin of baked beans it makes cost 1 dollar but if you buy 4 in a multi pack it may cost $2 for 4 which is a big discount.

Same with toilet rolls and many other essential items whether its for business or just household stocking up as become a feeling of security for many people today.

so that is why so many people flock to Costco to buy in bulk and save for doing so

It was the world’s largest retailer of choice and prime, organic produce, rotisserie chicken, and wine, and is ranked among the top Fortune 500 companies.

Costco Worldwide

Costco has warehouses in the following countries.

  • United States
  • Canadian provinces
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Iceland
  • France
  • Spain
  • China

Company Profile

  • Costco was founded in 1983 by James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman
  • Its Headquarters are in Issaquah, Washington, United States
  • Cosco has around 100 million members at the present time and around a 240,000+ strong, workforce.

Costco Memberships

Costco has four membership categories:

  • Gold Star Membership $60
  • Gold Star Executive – $120
  • BusinessMembership – $60
  • Business Executive – $120

Costco Affiliate Program

Costco has an affiliate program surprised to hear?

Yes it is promoted through the CJ Affiliate network,Flex Offers and recently the razing network.

Anybody can join and promote and you can get a commission rate of unto $6 per sale

Benefits Of The Costco Affiliate Program

Costco has an affiliate program, which anyone can join.

It’s hosted on the CJ Affiliate network.

Let’s review the benefits, drawbacks, commission rate, cookie duration, and program details.

Category: Retail, groceries

Cost per action (CPA)

Up to $6 commission rate

Single payment, commissions, non recurring

Session-based cookie duration

Payout threshold:$50

paid to Bank account

Affiliate networks CJ Affiliate and FlexOffers and recently the yazing network.

Costco Commission Rate Details

Yazing Commission rates

Yazing members earn $3 on Gold Star or Executive Membership Purchases (Valid only for nonmembers for their first year of membership. Limit one per household).

How Yazing Works

Yazing gives you instant access to earn top commissions from 3,414 affiliate programs including the Costco affiliate program.

The Review

At this time you could say the Costco affiliate program is in the caveman stage and unless you know a lot of happy shoppers you could be rolling down the hill.

The commission rates aren’t high enough to give this one a go but that’s not saying It doesn’t work because one commission is better than no commission to any affiliate so if this is your field your stomachs will be full.

Your gonna be one greedy pig with this one and keep all the commissions to yourself.

Costco affiliate program review

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