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What is Clickfunnels?: The Comprehensive Guide to Clickfunnels

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what is Clickfunnels

What is Clickfunnels

Whenever you find a marketing tutorial online and watch it, all the marketing gurus and experts have one thing in common. They urge you to use a sales funnel.

They will go on and on about how it will help your business and how with it, you can take your business growth to the next level. In the end, they will always mention one sales funnel in particular that they love using.

what is Clickfunnels

Click funnels

This keeps happening over and over and you finally decided to find out what Clickfunnels really is.

I mean, if it is as good as they keep saying it is, there’s no harm in finding out what it does and how powerful it is.

Well, you are definitely in the right place.

Stick with me through this article and I will explain in detail what Clickfunnels is, and how it can help your business grow.

Let’s dive in!

What is Clickfunnels?

How does Click funnels work.

A lot of businesses and companies are now automating their entire sales process.

This does not only reduce the marketing cost but is more efficient too.

In 2014, Russell Brunson and his team of professionals brought an ultimate solution to the marketing world.

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder that helps you do just that.

With it, you will be able to automate your business and entire sales process, which will give you the power to control everything concerning the buying process.

With Clickfunnels, you can easily build websites, create landing pages, squeeze pages, opt-in forms, and even hold webinars too!

The best part, no matter your good is technical skill level, you can easily create a beautiful landing page or website with Clickfunnels using their customizable templates.

So, all in all, Clickfunnels provide businesses with the opportunity to promote their products and offer their services to their target audience no matter their skill level.

It offers everything you will ever need for your online marketing.

Why Do You Need Clickfunnels?

Everyone going into marketing have a single goal in mind.

Turn prospects into buying customers. You might be a freelancer looking for clients to offer your services to.

You might be an affiliate marketer trying to promote an affiliate product to a target audience, or you might be a small business owner looking to take your business to the next level.

No matter what business or service you offer, you will need a means you can use to capture leads, follow up on these leads, offer them upsells, and promote your products and services to them.

With Clickfunnels, you will be able to do all this.

You can easily capture leads, follow up on them, and promote your products and services to them.

Sales funnels have been proven to be 54% more effective than any other method used in promoting your services to your audience.

So if you are ready to take your business or company to that next level all marketers keep talking about. You won’t find another tool that is as perfect as Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels Features

When it comes to amazing features, Clickfunnels seems to be full of them. Here are some of the unique features Clickfunnels has to offer. 1. Drag and Drop Editor

Before Clickfunnels, if you needed a unique landing page or squeeze page, you would either learn how to code one yourself or hire a professional to get one done for you.

They charge very high fees too. Clickfunnels changed everything. All you need to do now is drag and drop available templates and edit them to your style and brand.

If you are looking to create one entirely from scratch, that option is also available. And creating a landing page from scratch has never been easier

Prebuilt Templates

Looking to create a good looking website?

Clickfunnels has the templates for that. Or is it a membership site, or probably an amazing squeeze page that will convert. Clickfunnels still has templates for that.

This tool basically does all the work for you and all you need to do is use them to grow your business. No more excuses.

A/B Testing

Marketing has its downsides.

One of the most frustrating parts of it is that you never know what will work, what your customers will respond to, and what they will ignore.

Clickfunnels found a way to fix that problem too. With A/B testing, you can split test different variations of a landing page or squeeze page to see which one works best.

This will reduce your marketing costs and your ad budget will change too. You will stop wasting time on what doesn’t work and stick to what your customers like.


With Clickfunnels, you don’t need to work with a third party payment gateway.

You can accept payments directly from your funnels as they are integrated with payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and more, as well as affiliate programs like Clickbank and JV Zoo.

Email Automation

Clickfunnels does not only support different lead generation and email marketing tools but has its autoresponder too.

If you have a dedicated email marketing tool you were working with, you can easily integrate it with Clickfunnels or you can simply decide to use their autoresponder.

Clickfunnels has a lot of amazing features you can easily get access to.

The features listed above are just some of them. Once you get the tool, you will get to see a lot more included that are not mentioned here.

Benefits of Using Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels has tons of benefits. It is very easy to use and cuts down on your marketing costs tremendously.

It supports integrations with different tools and apps, which will help you manage everything from one place.

With all the built-in templates and landing pages available for you, Clickfunnels saves you the time and money you would spend trying to get these things.

All in all, it is the perfect tool for your business.

Clickfunnels Pricing Clickfunnels comes with two different pricing options for both startups and advanced marketers.

The two available options are the Startup plan that starts at $97 per month and the Enterprise plan which starts at $297 per month.

If you are just starting, sticking to the Startup plan is probably the best option.

For more advanced marketers, the Enterprise plan provides you with additional features such as the Backpack tool and Actionetics. Clickfunnels also offer a 14 days’ free trial, that way, you can test out the tool to decide whether it’s for you or not.

Clickfunnels is probably one of the best marketing tools I have come across.

Remember those marketing gurus and experts that kept telling you in their tutorials to use a sales funnel, and kept recommending Clickfunnels to you?

They were telling you the truth. Its a good tool If it’s within your budget and make a very good tool to get the ball rolling.


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