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Aliexpress Affiliate Program Review: How Good Is It?

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aliexpress affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is an amazing way to earn a steady income in 2020 and Aliexpress is here.

All you need is a channel where you can share the products or services so the target audience can purchase them. A lot of bloggers and marketers have made a living using affiliate marketing and today, we will be talking about the Aliexpress affiliate program, an affiliate program provided by Aliexpress to help individuals earn by promoting their products and services.

But first of all, let’s examine Aliexpress and talk about what the company has to offer.

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Who is Aliexpress?

aliexpress affiliate

Aliexpress is a global e-commerce marketplace made up of small retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers. It offers a large selection of products and makes it possible for individuals to buy directly from businesses and manufacturers located in China.

The main product categories that it offers include fashion and accessories, mobile, consumer electronics, jewelery and watches, home and garden, appliances, toys, outdoor, beauty and health, automobiles and motorcycles, home improvement, and tools.

Aliexpress is located in China and is a marketplace owned by Alibaba, a global e-commerce company.

AliExpress makes it possible for Chinese businesses to connect with international buyers.

Both manufacturers and wholesalers have their product listings on AliExpress, and when you purchase any product, they will be the ones to handle the shipping. Unlike Amazon, Aliexpress doesn’t sell products directly to individuals.

The main benefit of shopping on AliExpress is low prices.

Since you are buying directly from the manufacturers and wholesalers, you can purchase a lot of products and services for a cheap rate, which is why Aliexpress is becoming a popular marketplace for international buyers.

Take a look at the website

How does Aliexpress Affiliate Program Work?

Just like other affiliate programs, the aliexpress affiliate program works relatively the same.

Once signed for the program, you are given a special affiliate link you can use to promote products and services.

AliExpress provides little information about their program but the information provided is enough for anyone ready to join the program.

For example, in their frequently asked questions, we are told they use session-based tracking, which is a great method of keeping track of affiliate products and links.

Joining the AliExpress affiliate program is a straightforward process.

All you need to do is complete a short registration form and wait for their approval.

The approval process takes no more than 10 business days after which you’ll be provided with a reply and you can immediately start promoting their products.

Once an application is approved, you will be provided access to AliExpress Portals, which is their in-house program that uses custom affiliate tracking software. At AliExpress Portals, you will be able to create your affiliate links.

With deep linking a feature of the program, you can easily create a link to any specific product on AliExpress without any hassle or stress.

You can also link to AliExpress special deal pages and you are even able to create a link to search results.

Besides the deep link feature, AliExpress Portals also allows you to add link IDs for all your links, making it possible to track their performance!

This is an amazing feature especially if you are promoting AliExpress products across multiple platforms.

Tracking IDs allow you to compare performance and watch closely how each of your links is doing and how you can improve the overall performance of each link.

Affiliates are also provided with unique marketing tools like banners and dynamic ads, which can help speed up the process of promoting and selling products and make it much easier to set up and get started especially for beginners.

Aliexpress Affiliate Program Commission Rates

Commission rates for Aliexpress are relatively good compared to the competitors.

You start from an amazing offer of 8.5% and can go up to 50% although this is usually for a few selected affiliates.

But no matter what, each affiliate stays within the 8.5% to 10% range for most products, which is amazing, especially if compared to their competitor, Amazon. And from time to time, they also offer additional commissions for new users, usually around the range of 6%.

A big drawback of the aliexpress affiliate program is that commissions are capped at $50.

If someone purchases a product using your affiliate link, no matter how high the price of the product may be, you cannot receive more than $50.

Individuals tend to purchase different products at the same time from Aliexpress, so getting paid not more than $50 for each link is a little bit of a drawback.

It works better if you are just starting and looking to earn income from different sources.

Another drawback of the aliexpress affiliate program is its payment methods.

An Affiliate can only withdraw their commission through international bank transfers, Payoneer or PayPal is not supported.

And for each withdrawal, there is a processing fee of $15.

Because of the withdrawal processing fee, affiliates can only withdraw once they have at least $16 in their account.

Ali Express Affiliate Plugin

AliExpress Affiliate Plugin is a WordPress plugin developed by AliPartnership.

This plugin makes it easier for affiliates to add their links to their blogs and online stores.

It enables you to import your desired products and easily add them to your store.

You can also configure the product so it automatically adds your referral links to all the AliExpress product links on the website.

It basically automates all your tasks and makes it easier to run and you can concentrate your time elsewhere, To purchase the plugin it’s a one-off payment of $69 and with its features it basically pays for itself.

How to use Aliexpress Affiliate Program to Earn a Steady Income

The website receives over 500 million visits each month from all around the world. The most popular country with the largest visitors to Aliexpress is Russia, with the USA coming in second. 20% of all visits come from Russia compared to 5% from the USA.

That means that around 25 million Americans shop at AliExpress.

Compared to how many Americans shop at Amazon, this number may look small, but targeting these individuals with unique and amazing products could help you stand a chance of earning a steady income from the affiliate program.

Like all other markets though, understanding your audience and consumers will make it easier for you when you are trying to capture their attention. So, overall the AliExpress Affiliate Program is a great program for Affiliate Marketers of any level, especially for beginners.

From it can you earn a good income, even earning steadily from it because of its great commission and easy access.

If you have an audience interested in dropshipping and bulk purchasing, the affiliate program is the best way to go!

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