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The Best Affiliate Programs​ in 2020 and courses

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the best affiliate courses 2020

Best Affiliate courses and programs to promote in 2020.

With your affiliate marketing journey and a dream of making passive income while you travel around the world and go to different places you’ve always wanted to see.

But before you get there, you know you have to put in the work.

As an affiliate marketer that is just starting, you need to learn the ropes, find out what works and what doesn’t with affiliate courses and programs, and find out which products will convert like crazy for you.

And in this insatiable quest for knowledge, you arrived here. You came to the right place.

Now all you have to do is stick around as I talk about the best affiliate programs to promote in 2020.

The Best Affiliate Programs​

Best SaaS Affiliate Programs You Can Promote

Some of the best SaaS (Software as a service) model offers affiliate programs in which you can easily get started and start promoting them. Here are 4 of these services that you wouldn’t want to miss out on their affiliate programs.


Clickfunnels offers an amazing affiliate program that even affiliate marketers that are just starting can join and start promoting.

The amazing part of their program is the lifetime recurring commissions.

Once someone buys a product with your recommendation, after receiving the first commission, Clickfunnels will keep paying you commissions whenever the person purchases something from them!

They achieve this by using cookies to know where the buyer came from,

Then they store the information to be used again whenever a purchase is made.

Not only that, but Clickfunnels also pay a whopping 40% commission for each sale you make, which is a very high amount for a program offering recurring commissions.

And the best part,

a payout for a referral, referral will also earn a commission

That is if you refer someone and they buy a product, you get paid 40% commission.

If they now refer someone and that person purchases too, you get a 5% commission! And with a quality product you can rely on, a massive library of training materials, and exceptional marketing materials provided by Clickfunnels, you can never go wrong with it.

click funnels image


Clickfunnels offers an amazing affiliate program, but Builderall’s affiliate program is a very close competitor.

The Builderall product provides a lot of their clients with a unique value, helping them build beautiful landing pages and high converting sales funnels.

It is a popular product in the market and as an affiliate marketer, it is always best if the product you are promoting is a reliable one. 

In their affiliate program, you’ll get a 100% one-time commission and a 30% recurring commission each month.

They have 2 different plans, which is the regular and affiliate plan, and if your leads purchase the affiliate plan, you’ll be able to get an additional commission if the leads they also refer purchase the product.

The best part, if you refer up to 100 people to the Builderall platform, they’ll happily give you $500 per month for your car lease and if you refer 200, you get up to $1000 per month!

builder image

3. BlueHost

The Bluehost affiliate program is a popular one and offers a chance for even beginning affiliates to start promoting.

As a popular web-hosting platform, it is no surprise that their affiliate program is so big. With Bluehost, you earn a one-time commission with each qualified hosting plan purchase starting from $65.

Bluehost also gives a chance to loyal affiliates to keep earning more by giving them a chance to boost the amount earned from each purchase.

As each person with a blog needs a web hosting provider, you can get high conversion rates with Bluehost as their platform is not only affordable but trusted by many popular brands.

And the best part, the Bluehost affiliate program is open for anyone to join as far as they own a website.

Unlike other platforms who tend to select their affiliates, beginners stand a chance with Bluehost.

bluehost image

4. Ontraport

Ontraport is a popular one, helping your business manage its marketing needs, sales, and organization too.

And their affiliate program is very enticing, offering recurring commissions to all their affiliates who refer customers to them.

Anyone can easily get accepted into their program once they sign up to become their affiliate, and will start receiving 25% commission on each referral.

ontraport image

These are 4 of the best SaaS affiliate programs you can easily join and start promoting at once.

Each offer different incentives and training materials that’ll help even a new affiliate marketer get started.

And now, this leads us to…

Best Affiliate Courses 2020

Looking for interesting courses that offer affiliate programs?

Here are some of the best you can find:

1. Evergreen Wealth Formula

The Evergreen Wealth Formula is a course created by James Scholes

It teaches you how to setup your own fully functioning website and teaches you traffic methods its a very popular course for beginners and offers a very good affiliate commission rate

for every sale you get 50% which is $98.50 and it has a very low refund rate

It is all done through the WarriorPlus network and it is something that you can join and promote

Click for a look at an in-depth review of the the > Evergreen Wealth Formula

best affiliate courses 2020 evergreen wealth formula

2. Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing.

It is one of the most popular courses available online and offers a lot of value too. It also has an amazing affiliate program that each affiliate marketer would like to take advantage of.

Most affiliate programs don’t give their affiliates the necessary tools to succeed.

But Wealthy Affiliate goes beyond the traditional banner creatives to offer their promoters the handy instruments to easily market the platform.

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate as a free member will give you a chance to earn 12% of recurring income from each of your leads and as a premium user, you stand a chance to earn even more.

best affiliate courses 2020 wealthy affiliate

3. Clickbank University

Clickbank University teaches members how to earn on Clickbank as both a vendor and an affiliate.

It also has a unique affiliate program that offers a chance to earn massive passive income. Although it might be a little overwhelming for beginners, you can find ways to promote it online even if you are just starting.

With Clickbank having a wide audience who are all interested in earning using this platform, you’ll have no problem finding an audience to promote this course to.

It’s one of the best affiliate courses to promote in 2020

click for a in-depth review of Clickbank University

best affilate courses 2020 click bank university

4. Commission Hero

With Commission Hero, you’ll not only earn a 40% commission from their affiliate program but will be provided with promotion materials and a wide audience you can target.

This course teaches people how to earn from Clickbank using Facebook ads and Landing pages and gives you a chance to not only target the Clickbank audience while promoting but also people interested in learning about how to use Facebook advertisements in their marketing ventures.

Although more courses that offer affiliate programs are available, these 3 courses will get you started at once.

and they are some for the best affiliate courses to promote in 2020

commission hero

Best Email Service Providers that Offers Affiliate Programs

Email service providers also offer amazing affiliate programs you can get started with, and these are the best ones for anyone ready to promote them:

1. GetResponse

GetResponse has two unique affiliate programs that anyone can join. Its self-hosted program uses proprietary affiliate tracking software while the other program is on the CJ Affiliate network.

The affiliate landing pages provided are full of amazing information that can easily convert any visitor. Anyone who signs up as an affiliate stands a chance to earn excellent recurring and one-time commissions.

The self-hosted program pays a 33 percent recurring commission which will last for as long as the user remains a paying customer. If the customer upgrades to a higher-priced plan, the commission will also increase.

The CJ Affiliate program pays $135 for every sale.

With tons of affiliate marketing tools available and training materials, the GetResponse affiliate program is certainly something to consider.

Take a look at Get Response a valuable too for internet marketing

get response

2. Aweber

The Aweber affiliate program is one of the longest available affiliate programs and one of the most trusted.

Once an affiliate signs up with Aweber, he gets an affiliate ID.

This ID will then be used to refer individuals to the Aweber platform.

Once they purchase a plan using the affiliate ID, the affiliate will receive a 30% recurring commission as long as the user remains an Aweber paying customer.

The Aweber program is one of the best available and is best for beginners as they provide educational materials that’ll help them in their affiliate marketing journey.


Affiliate marketing is an amazing journey that’ll take you through different tides.

With the right dedication and determination, you can start earning passive income from it, and with these affiliate programs listed, you stand a chance in this journey!

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