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The Ultimate Guide To Getting Started With Email Marketing

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Here’s the simple truth.

If you want to gather loyal customers and build up to a thousands of subscribers in your email list.

Subscribers that’ll not only listen to everything you say but also buy whatever kind of products you promote to them, you need an email marketing guide and blueprint to follow!

You need an honest guide that’ll show you different tips and tricks you can use effectively and if your inexperienced give you a beginner’s framework to email marketing.

The thing is, I’m about to give you that kind of guide and when we’re done, you’ll not only realize how good email marketing is, but will become an email marketing tai-chi master so to speak!

So, let’s dive in.



Email marketing is a type of digital marketing practice where you communicate with your leads and customers using emails.

Email marketing offer guide

With email marketing, you can form a level of trust and confidence with your subscribers through a series of emails, mostly automated emails, segmented and directed towards a certain group.

Common types of messages used in these emails include newsletters, promotional campaigns and event announcements.

Sending your reader an email is the most direct way of communicating with a potential buyer and one of the most direct way to promote any offers or information.

Once you send emails to your audience, you can then build the trust and confidence needed to convince them to purchase your products.

But the million dollar question many aspiring marketers and bloggers ask is, does it still work?

In this age and time where social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook keeps growing, does email marketing still works?


When we compare email marketing campaigns to other marketing types and social media platforms, we see that comparing them, isn’t just worth the effort.

statistics show that 59% of individuals spend most of their time checking their emails on their phones

Email marketing is 40 times more effective when gathering leads and customers!

Plus the fact that unlike your followers on social media, you own your email list.

Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn could decide to close down at any moment and all those followers will be gone!

But that can never happen with your email list.

With email marketing, you get a direct link to your user’s inbox which isn’t the case with social media platforms, And you certainly can’t deny the fact that emails convert really well.

email marketing guide offerbank

Out of your targeted audience, a certain percent usually makes a purchase by the end of your marketing campaign.


Getting started with email marketing it involves taking certain steps to start building a list and converting them into sales.

Develop a strategy: How does email marketing fit into your marketing campaign?

What’s your goal regarding your strategy?

You will need to Develop a good email marketing strategy before you start it will not only help you move at a steady pace but will serve as a guideline you can follow.


  • Personalise your messages
  • Create an engaging subject line
  • Write good engaging copy
  • Organise your subscribers
  • Include imagery
  • mobile-friendly
  • Add an appropriate call to action
  • Give quality
  • Use a Good Campaign management tool

Other ways to Build your email list

Use unique incentives such as free bonuses and other incentives to capture your reader’s attention and turn them into loyal subscribers.

email marketing bonuses

Automate your process

Use autoresponders to send your subscribers a series of welcome emails, helping you gain their trust.

Take a look at Get response

Track your marketing campaign

Track your email marketing campaign so as to find out your weak points and improve.

Use your click-through rates, open rates and conversion to know what you should work on and improve.


Using unique strategies to build your list will not only make the process faster but will improve your conversion rate too and get you on your way to getting started with email marketing.

3 proven strategies

Use a Blog Post Teaser

people are always afraid of missing out and you can use this to your advantage when building your list.

Blog post teasers are an example of what you can use to gain more subscribers. Here’s how it works.

You create a series of articles that will provide unique value to your readers, then you post just one of the articles on your blog.

Once your reader reads the first article, you let them know that this is just a first of many articles and they can get access to everything once they subscribe.


Use Popups: Popups will help you build your list fast while giving a call to action to your reader.

You can offer a free bonus, a masterclass or any other freebies on your popups and use this as a method to gain subscribers.

Optimize your About Page: The about page is usually one of the most visited pages on any site and you can certainly use this to your advantage.

The about page is where your visitors will come to find out about what you do, and often the page tells a story and gives information regarding your business.

Optimize your about page for conversions by subtly adding an email signup form on the page.

You could even take it a step forward by offering bonuses or Training that that will entice your audience to subscribe to your list.

With these proven methods, you’ll not only see your email list grow but you’ll keep offering your readers unique value that’ll help grow their trust in you.


You don’t want your emails arriving in the spam folder or promotion page.

get a good email marketing open rate average

Open rates are the percentage of emails that get opened.

Getting a good email marketing average is essential.


Now, let me show you some methods you can use to make sure you get incredibly high open rates on your emails.

Schedule your Messages

Sending your emails at the wrong time will not only decrease your open rates but will make them get lost in a sea of emails.

You will want to send your messages when your subscribers are awake or when their inbox will not be crowded by other emails.

That’s why sending emails early in the morning is a bad idea because it will get lost the sea of emails sent at the same time.

Send your Subscribers an amazing Welcome message: our first email not only leaves a unique impression but affects your email open rates tremendously.

If your subscribers find your welcome message to be incredibly boring, you’ll only end up losing them.

so you will want to give them content.

Don’t just welcome your subscribers with the first email, try to also focus on a pain factor and make them see the need to not only read but anticipate your next email!

20% of your email should be a pitch

80% of your emails need to provide value to your subscribers and the remaining 20% can be used for pitching your products and services.

Try as much as you possibly can to reduce the rate of subscribers who use the Unsubscribe button.

Never stop providing value and your subscribers will love you.


To take advantage of all the best parts of email marketing like segmentation, automation, checking clickthrough and open rates, you need the best email marketing services and tools.

There are a lot of well-known email marketing services like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, Sendinblue and HubSpot but we’re going to focus on only a few.

Here are 3 amazing email marketing service you can start using today.


You’ll find all the amazing services like segmentation, automation and tagging with ConvertKit.

Although relatively new, ConvertKit has made an impression with bloggers and writers because of it’s easy to use interface that doesn’t complicate issues.


Mailerlite is not only an affordable service provider but they offer lots of free services which is good for a new blogger to get started

With mailerlite, you can start free email marketing and build enough to switch to their paid plan.


Having been around for a long time, Aweber is not only a trusted service provider but their easy to use automation, drag and drop email creation and more makes it a definite choice for beginners.

Choosing an email service provider depends not just on your interests but on your strategy and the value you are providing to your subscribers.

But whatever your choice maybe, choosing a provider that offers automation is certainly important as it will help you provide immense value too.


Using automation provides a better experience for your subscribers, helping you lower your unsubscribe rate.

Plus, automation frees up your time, giving you more time to provide additional value.

Instead of sending real-time emails over and over, you set up an automated sequence once and let it handle the rest for you.

Automating your emails is also an excellent way to build your list as it will help your subscribers move to the next course of action through a series of email messages.

With a good email marketing service provider, your automation process will become easier and you’ll be able to setup everything you need to automate your emails and keep growing your list.



Sender is one of the best free email marketing tools around with some good features to make sure your emails get delivererd.

It lets you create emails simply and easily without knowing any html.

You just choose a unique template and you can customise it anyway you want and you can also tailor your emails to each recipient making each email unique to your subscribers.

Free plan You can have Up to 2500 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month


Omnisend is an eccomerce marketing platform which integrates with all of your communication platforms in one place.

The free plan just includes email but it is more than capable of catering for your needs for small to medium businesses.

You can automate every email using behavioural triggers which are sent based on customers actions and convenience.

Using its unique insights you can tailor each email to your audience and u can design quick and easy professional-looking newsletters using the product picker which lets you easily select your eccomerce products quickly to include in your email.

Also you can use scratch cards coupon codes to make your email more appealing by including offers.

Free plan you can have up to 15,000 emails per month and 2,000 emails per day.


Email marketing is a sure way of building your audience and marketing your products.

Email marketing keeps growing each year as more email marketing jobs become available and then new and updated email marketing tools will be introduced.

Getting started with email marketing for free is also possible, just look for email service providers that offer their email marketing tool for free or look for a free trial so so you can begin your journey.

You can’t ignore or try to evade email marketing, so the best option will be to embrace it and start building!

Hope you have liked this article based on getting started with email marketing.

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