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What is Kyubi?

What is Kyubi?

Kyubi is a software creation created by John Vaughn CEO and founder of software company Tier 5

John is passionate about building software

And you could say a genius level software developer

Cool guy.

So what is Kyubi?

Kyubi is in the process and will be the latest software created by John and his team at Tier 5 and like he says “Kyubi is the worlds first enterprise-level framework for bootstrapping your Google Chrome Extension” 

What Is Kyubi

what is kyubi, by Tier 5

Geniuses build their Chrome Extensions on top of the Kyubi framework 

So they can save huge on development costs, get to market much quicker, protect their investment in their software asset, and provide the enterprise-level infrastructure you’d expect from any legitimate SaaS software company. 

KYUBI empowers you to quickly arise to the top and enables you to be the CEO of your own software company by becoming a Chrome Extension Owner.

To be able to use your software. Plus you are able to offer yearly, and even lifetime access for much larger sums of money. 

Cool right..

With KYUBI you will be able to quickly launch a Chrome Extension under the SaaS model (Software as a Service) and tap in to that 200 Billion a year SaaS market
In the SaaS model users pay you money every month

 Thinking About Building Or Already Own A Google Chrome Extension?

How Kyubi Could Help

Here’s How it Will Be Able To Help Extension Owners

Enterprise Framework

Kyubi gives your chrome extension the same level of enterprise level infrastructure you’d expect from any legit SaaS

Speed Of Development

Developing on the Kyubi Framework and literally save you years of development. This gets you to market sooner. 

Cost Of Development 

Spend your money where it counts, on the unique features of your extension.

Saves you huge development costs.

Partner Program Infrastructure

Learn how to bootstrap growth by starting a partner program for your extension.

It provides all the infrastucture.

User Account Management

Makes it so easy for you or your extension users to manage their accounts, get receipts, update payment, ect

Protect Your Investment

Adds and additional layer of security to your chrome extension making it much harder to be cloned or copied. 

Drive Sales And Revenue

There are so many ways it helps you drive revenue, from our partner program, affiliate platform, and our marketplace.

Affiliate Program Infrastructure

Want to run an affiliate program to help drive in even more sales.

Kyubi has you covered out of the box.

Ready to rock and roll. 

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