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24 Hour Profits Review

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24 hour profits review

The 24 hour profits system was founded by Fergal Downes to help individuals that are just starting out in affiliate marketing to do it successfully.

It is a comprehensive training course that teaches how to make daily commissions and a recurring passive income.




With the 24 hour profits system, you can easily work from home and earn a steady passive income from recurring commissions that works for years therfore providing you with a steady income stream. 

The system secures recurring passive income and you will receive 100% commissions throughout the entire funnel.

You don’t need any of the following:

24 hour profits
  • You don’t need a list
  • No funnel (opt-in)
  • You don’t need a website
  • No experience needed in affiliate marketing
  • Facebook, google, bing or video ads not needed
  • No technical skill or fundamental knowledge required

All you need is to be able to advertise with the FREE traffic method that is taught in the training.  

Of course you can produce better results by using paid ads which the training is also included in the course. 

And the best part is, Fergal Downes offers you 10x your money back if it doesn’t work for you!

Basically making this free, either you make money from this or offers you 10x your money back, making this an amazing choice for beginners to start earning online passively on a monthly basis.


There isn’t any but you need to take action to get it up and running.

The great part is, no one can search it via the market without joining this course which mean it’s completely yours and with just one sale the subscription fee will be covered up by the recurring commissions.

Also, amazingly, any additional sales will be added as profit to your income stream via recurring commissions!

What is 24 hour profits ?

The 24 hours’ profit system is a coaching program that consists of unique videos to teach beginners how to succeed in affiliate marketing quickly and easily.

You’ll also get a private LINK to promote the 24HourProfit as an affiliate and earn recurring income with 100% commissions. so, you will be earning using different methods not just one!

How you I join the funnel?

You need only $2 to activate it (this is the game changer)

How to make money with the system?

Go through the whole online training and choose whether you’ll be using paid or using free traffic they both work.

There’s even a group available where it continuously provides you with support and training until you make your first sale within 7 days.

How to make money with the system (advanced)?

For those who are already in the funnel, you could also be a solo ads vendor or traffic expert, providing you with different ways to earn.

You just need to add it to your CPA rotator that you provide those services, to max the result, put it in your inbound or Opt-in Rotator (Thank You Page)

Follow up the DFY email sequence (OTO 1) in your AR.

Sit back and relax to see the money flowing into your Pay-Pal. 

What if I get a sale?

Its not if, It’s when

If the $2 product is purchased under your private link, you will instantly get $1.41 and after one week you will get $17/mo for the same person.

Plus, if the same person buys more products from the funnel, you will get 100% commission for them.

What if I don’t get a sale?

No need to worry, if you don’t get a sale within the 7 days, you will get 10 times of your $2 back.

How the funnel looks like? 

Main Course – $2 for 7 days, then $17 recurring on a monthly basis. It contains 10 video lessons inside the member’s area.

OTO1 – $9 – Building an email list. A total of 5 video included DFY highly optimized squeeze page which is created for you, Email Sequence, A Free Course, Pinnacle Facebook Ads Traffic Course (included Sales Letter Blue Print and AB test technique) and a VIP Mastermind Group. 

OTO2 – $16.99 – Free Traffic Bonanza, a total of 26 Video step by step for Advance technique. 

OTO3 – $97 – Advanced strategy mentorship program where you will be personally coached by Fergal .

My Case Study

Here I will show you my case study and how I got massive sales in 24 Hour Profits. 

In the beginning. I joined because the price was low, as low as $2 plus I was also skeptical.

As you should know, I’m an affiliate and also a solo ads vendor. Traffic acts as a blood vein for the online marketing world and it has a compensation funnel which is recurring income.

Especially the recommended solo ads as his main passion and paid traffic works best.

For 24 hours, I did not do anything but just study the course and try out some testing on free traffic.

This amazed me when I got sales notification.

And another and another…

I continued to try the free traffic method and next day – boom! Another sale.

Then I realized that this program is working and has not reached saturation level plus it’s evergreen and has recurring commisions.

it is built for beginners but it can be leveraged by advanced marketers.

I decided to use the recommended method in the course.

have a solo ads vendor it a is very easy to generate sales directly.

(boom! within the same day i had reached 5 sales included OTO.

I decided to write this case study (while I’m writing this now, another sales notification is already here) amazed.

So i thought i would share it with my fellow friends to join the cheese and earn the yummy recurring commissions. 

Imagine if you had sales notifications on a daily basis and also recurring commisions

What is also a bonus is when you get 100% commissions from the OTO’s.

 Not to forget the OTO1: Email LIST building that allow you max your traffic (clicks) with DFY landing page and opt-in page included email swipe and AB test.

You should know what I’m talking now.

Those who take action today, you will get a bonus via my link that will work in conjunction with 24 hour profits

Click the image below for the 24 hour profits course for a discount price

The course as newly changed name to EMPIRE by Fergal Downes

24 hour profits review

Thanks for reading our 24 hour profits review

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