The Evergreen Wealth formula

Everyone can agree that starting an online business is a difficult process that takes time and also requires a lot of patience and dedication, especially when it comes to the affiliate marketing sector in which there are already a lot of well established individuals who have dedicated their time and money into the business.

So, to really get started and succeed, you need to be heading in the right direction and learn, something unique that can help you set up and start earning an income.

That’s why today, we’ll be looking into the Evergreen Wealth Formula, an online course by James Scholes that is designed to get you started in affiliate marketing and other aspects of building an online business.



Created by James Scholes, the Evergreen Wealth Formula teaches people with little to no marketing experience how to get started and build an online business successfully.

The course is designed with beginners in mind as James Scholes assumes his students know nothing about internet marketing and are just starting out.

This makes it easier and better as he takes you from the very beginning and walks you step by step throughout the entire process with easy to follow step by step video tutorials.

And to make it better, you don’t have to build everything yourself!

No need to create your websitee or write the amazing content as all this will be done for you already by James.

A proven formula that’s proven to work created by James himself

With everything already done, you get to setup faster and you start seeing results very quickly too!

How To Get Started With The Evergreen Wealth Formula

To get the course and start the journey, all you need to do is pay a fee of $197 and you’ll be given the whole package

once you get this, you don’t need anything else content and training wise.

it’s all included with the core Evergreen Wealth Formula package.

As soon as you join and become a member, you’ll get access to 5 comprehensive training modules, plus one bonus course.

The evergreen wealth formula is fundamentally a video course where James teaches you step by step through video tutorial

With each video step called a module, James will be giving you key instructions on how to set up each and every vital part of your business.

what’s good is you are learning to setup a fully functioning system that works and the way James teaches is very simple to grasp what otherwise can be hard to understand for someone with little to no experience.

As your going through the modules you will be learning while your implementing the training and James does an amazing job at slowing the training down when things get complicated.

“James takes you by the hand through the entire process


This is where you’ll be setting up your webpages and embedding your affiliate offers you’ve chosen to promote into the content.

Blog/website Setup: 

You’ll be setting up your own blog that’s designed to attract people to your webpages

Automate and Scale 1: 

This is where you’ll be setting up your automated traffic streams that will send traffic to your site.

 Automate and Scale 2: 

Another automated traffic method you can use increase your traffic and get more sales

Fast Traffic: 

An additional traffic method for people that want results quicker


Another fast traffic way to get a lot of traffic and increase your sales

In order to get the most out of the training program, its best if you take time out to walk through every module in the course step by step as this will be very beneficial in the end.

  • Getting the most out of the power of social media marketing

Once your blog/website is set up

James will teach you how to get traffic to your website/blog

Traffic is the most important part of the evergreen wealth formula because without getting traffic to any of your online assets you will not make any sales

James will show you unique social media hacks you can implement right away on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you will start seeing the results immediately.

evergreen wealth formula social media

Therfor also Gaining a dedicated audience of people in your website who are interested in what you have to offer.

  • Expanding your reach through email marketing

The next part in the course will be the email marketing module. Though setting up your first email campaign can be stressful and a little scary

James will take you through step by step and will guide you through all you need to do, giving the confidence and advice you need when setting up.

the evergreen wealth formula blueprint
  • Building an amazing audience using viral YouTube campaigns
evergreen wealth formula YouTube

Then once you’re done with that, as a bonus, James will now be showing you exactly how to create a YouTube channel and will teach you easy ways to create high-quality videos that’ll captivate people and get you a massive audience of interested individuals.

The way the system is set up, you’ll be given access to thousands of products and services you can promote and make money from, and YouTube is a gold mine that you could tap into to get people who’ll be interested in th products and services.


Even if you’ve already have some experience in the affiliate marketing sector, the Evergreen Wealth Formula is a course That is worth every penny.

As one of the best email marketing and social media marketing course’s I’ve ever seen, you’ll be sure to not only learn a lot from the program but will benefit greatly too.

Another unique aspect of this program is the amazing support, whenever you get stuck during the training, you could easily get answers to your questions from other members and even from James himself!

He provides you with an email you could use to contact him at any time and unlike others, he takes time out to respond to each of your emails and quickly too.

So, for newbies, this will really help accelerate your learning process as you’re always sure of constant support.

Altogether, the Evergreen Wealth Formula training modules and support is for anyone who is tired of programs out there that promises a lot but fails to deliver.

It’s for people looking for real results in the fastest way possible.

While it’s not for people who aren’t willing to put the work in, if you’ve got the determination and you’re ready to work hard at it

you’ll have everything you need to be successful right at your fingertips. And with the step by step method taken in the training, beginners and those who already have a little experience stand a chance to gain unique strategies that will benefit them throughout their lives.

The Evergreen Wealth Formula has been getting results for a lot of individuals for over 4 years now.

If you go online, you’ll see reviews and testimonials from individuals who started out without any internet marketing knowledge but ended up learning a lot from this program.

With a proven track record and a solid reputation online, you can be rest assured that this is no scam.

James only teaches real business strategies that will change your life from an online business newbie to an expert with lots of audiences and sales.

All the methods and strategies are provided right there for you, all you need to do is be ready to learn and ready to put into practice what you’re learning.

So, if you’ve been looking for something to help boost you up on your online business journey, here’s a course that will help you get to where you want to be.

All you have to do is to be ready to learn and be dedicated too, and in the end, you’ll see amazing results.

Evergreen wealth formula- in depth Case Study

The Evergreen Wealth Formula was created by James Scholes and it is an online Training course that teaches you how to make a full time income online with affiliate marketing

Essentially Selling other people’s products and services and getting paid a commission for each sale you make

The Evergreen Wealth Formula teaches you how to build a professional website and teaches you a proven way to get traffic and make sales.

It is the full Package for any beginner wanting to get started with affiliate marketing or making money online…

It gives you all the content and materials to build a fully functioning Website with easy to follow step by step training.

The Evergreen Wealth Formula states..

The Evergreen Wealth Formula

James has created all the content you will need to succeed online so totally Beginner Friendly..

There is a lot of video training in the course which James takes you by the hand and walks you through the process.

Second nature approach

The way James teaches is with a step by step approach which makes the training feel second nature

Below take a look inside The Evergreen Wealth Formula course navigation page where you can see the step by step easy to digest training that James teaches…

The Evergreen wealth setup image

Beginner friendly

as its something we have gone through vigorously It does take a little while to setup but once you have setup everything it is fully automated, hence so once setup if you wanted, you would barely have to lift a finger.

  • He has created all the blog posts
  • sales copy
  • Website content
  • Email swipes

James teaches you the ways to get traffic to your website, He has totally tailored this for the complete Beginner in mind.

Also you can either use what James has created or slightly tweak it to become more personal to you.

The Evergreen wealth formula offers is the full Package so from start to finish you will have a fully functioning system…

The Evergreen Wealth Formula


James also offers amazing support.

If you get stuck at anytime he will personally reply back to you direct and help you with any problems or issues you may have.

Which is Excellent!

There is also a friendly community in the Members area

A place where you can chat to members and James also with questions and queries and share a common ground which therefor enables members to share there knowledge and experience helping everyone along through the training

win win..

James states…

James Scholes The Evergreen Wealth Formula

“Got a question about what’s been taught in this particular video send me a message” James

If so, no problem, just leave your question below and I’ll get back to you with an answer to your question as soon as I can.

James regularly updates the course to simplify it and makes sure the methods work better.

which we find Awesome.

Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0

Access for life

Also once you have access to the Evergreen wealth formula you get Access for life!

When James updates the training, you will get access to all of his new training methods for Free for life!

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review
It definitely works and with a little hard work you will see results..

The training is top notch

Beginner Friendly

and simple to follow.

Its an easy to Digest Training course to build an online business.

Step by step training literally second by second..

In conclusion if you follow what you are taught consistently and precisely you will get results.

Probably one of the best systems we have seen that is the full package

well done James.

Click here for >>>>>> EWF couldnt be recommended enough!

Evergreen wealth formula 2.0

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Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0

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